Exhibition through November 2018 Building A Community: The Cape Charles Elementary Rosenwald School

Building a Community

Voices from over the hump - former students and teachers

The Cape Charles Historical Society and Jim Garrison of Sonic Dog productions present selected quotes from the Cape Charles Rosenwald School Restoration Initiative's oral history project "Voices from Over the Hump". Funded in part by Virginia Humanities.

Rosenwald Architecture

The Impacts of Rosenwald Schools on Black Achievement

The Impact of Rosenwald Schools on Black Achievement (pdf)


Rosenwald Schools in Virginia

Rosenwald Schools in Virginia Plans, Department of the Interior (pdf)


Rosenwald Community School Plans Bulletin

Community Schools Bulletin No. 3 (pdf)


Preserving Rosenwald Schools

Preserving Rosenwald Schools, National Trust (pdf)


Our Exhibition Partners

The Cape Charles Rosenwald School Preservation Initiative

Cape Charles Elementary Logo

Cape Charles Northampton County Heritage


Virginia Humanities


Rosenwald Documentary Trailer